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Want to up your tablet interpreting game?

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Learn to use your tablet for preparation, consecutive note-taking, and in the booth - plus tons more!

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"This is it. The most complete guide to audio and video for interpreters you can buy. Since remote interpreting in all its guises is here to stay, this book should be a permanent fixture on your phone or your desk."

Jonathan Downie
Author, Interpreters vs. Machines

"Josh and Naomi have taken the time to compile an excellent primer and to test and suggest different kinds of equipment, knowing that people have different needs and demands. Wish I'd known this much before I bought as many not-exactly-cheap-yet-not-quite-satisfactory headsets as I did during lockdown!"

Mary Fons i Fleming
Conference interpreter

"This manual is a goldmine – all the information that most of us have spent a year piecing together in one convenient place. Without a doubt, Naomi and Josh are two of the world’s experts on technology for interpreters, and it shows. They’ve done all the research and the legwork so you don’t have to.

Want to know which microphone is a good fit for you? It’s in there? Wondering what is? They’ve got you covered. Same for the brilliant elevator pitch to clients on how to get great sound from them, on why sometimes a hamper full of dirty laundry is a good thing, and on why you need a backup communication channel with both your interpreting partner and your client. 

Even though I’d done a deep dive into interpreting technology myself in the last 12 months, I learned a lot and can’t recommend this manual enough. It should be required reading for every interpreter who wants to work online – and it’s a fun read, written in an accessible, upbeat and inclusive style. Well done!"

Judy Jenner
Author, The Entrepreneurial Linguist

Your Guide to Audio and Video is absolutely awesome and helpful!! It is so detailed and specific, and has truly blown me away. I would never, ever, have the time to do such thorough and complete research. Thank you VERY much!

Paula Alvira
Conference interpreter

The Interpreter's Guide to Audio and Video€25

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What's in the Interpreter's Guide to Audio and Video?
  • Over a hundred pages of tips and tricks to take your audio and video to the next level
  • Ten chapters to discover how to set up your space, stay safe, pick the best headphones, headsets and microphones, look good on camera, get good sound from clients, and hear colleagues in remote settings
  • Checklists and tables galore - including:
    • Checklist: Setting up your space
    • Good sound and video - the elevator pitch
    • Your cheat sheet for perfect practice runs
    • Ten easy tips for great online meetings - downloadable handout to share with clients
    • Which headphones should I buy? (Table with over 20 recommendations!)
    • Which microphone should I buy? (Table with over 20 recommendations!)
    • Which headset should I buy? (Table with nearly 20 recommendations!)
    • A glossary to help you understand 75+ audio and video terms
    • The Ultimate Audio and Video Purchasing Guide - with our recommendations for which tools to splurge on - and where to save!